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We have tried to cover the most common questions below but if your question isn't in the list please call us on 07984 132998 or email us

The cost of a website varies, depending upon the type of site you require. We offer starter package websites from just £249.00 plus VAT. The cost for a bespoke design will vary from site to site, so please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with a tailored no-obligation quotation. If you're not yet sure what you need, we're more than happy to go through the options and agree the best approach.

Yes, we normally request a deposit prior to commencing new projects. This is 25% for bespoke websites and 50% for starter packages. The balance is due on completion of the project unless otherwise agreed. If the total cost is over £400 and the site is hosted with us then we can offer interest free monthly payment instalments.

Our preferred method of payment is direct bank transfer (BACS). Payment details are shown on our invoices.

If you are interested in one of our starter packages then we just need you to choose a template and package and send through your details and content for the site.

If you would like a bespoke website then please provide us with as much information about the sort of site you are after e.g. examples of sites similar to the style of site you are after, number of pages, any special features etc.

We also need to know if you have a domain name already, your full postal address and business details, your logo (if you have one) and the content i.e. text and images you want to include on the site. We can purchase stock images on your behalf for use on the site (if required) for an additional fee.

In order to keep our costs low, all discussions about the website are by telephone and/or email. We can arrange a teams call or remote desktop session if needed. This allows us to offer a faster turnaround time as we can spend more time in the office working for you, and less time travelling.

Of course. We would be happy to carry out any amendments or additions to the site following publication. You can contact us for a personalised quote for any work that needs doing.

If you are happy editing HTML then we can provide you with the FTP details so you can upload/download the site files yourself. Alternatively, if you purchase a site with a Content Management System from us then you will be able to make changes to the text and images on the website yourself using a simple Rich Text Editor (similar to using Word or Outlook), with no coding knowledge necessary.

We only start the coding process once you are happy with and have agreed the initial layout. If you want to make changes to the layout at a later stage then this will incur additional cost and may delay the site completion date.

We prefer the content to be sent via email. Text can be sent to us in the body of the email or attached as a Word document. If you are sending a lot of images and they are very large then we would recommend zipping the files or using a file sending website such as We Transfer, Dropbox or similar. If you have a Google account you could also upload images to Google Drive and share them. Images, particularly photos should be in JPEG or JPG format although we can accept other formats such as GIF and PNG. If you're not sure of the best format just ask us for advice.

The timescale varies depending on the complexity of the project. A proposed deadline is agreed prior to the project and if you have a deadline in mind we will endeavour to meet it. For our starter packages the site can be up and running within 48 hours of receiving your content (excluding weekends and bank holidays). For a bespoke website it depends on the complexity and time it takes to agree the design. An average of 6 - 8 weeks is typical although it all depends on you! The most common delay in the creation of a website is waiting for feedback or content (text/images) from the client.

A domain name is the address that people type into their web browser to get to your site, for example www.domainname.co.uk.

You will need a domain name and web hosting in place in order to upload your website to the Internet. Hosting relates to the setting up of web space and any other services required on a server, allowing people around the world to see your website once it's setup.

If you are a new web design client we can arrange to purchase a domain name on your behalf (FREE of charge for a single .co.uk or .uk domain) and we will also take care of the ongoing domain renewals for as long as the website and domain name are hosted by us. The domain will be registered in your name so you will be the legal owner and you are free to move it away whenever you want. We don't register the domain to ourselves or tie you in to our service.

As part of our design and hosting packages we can include a .co.uk domain but if you prefer an alternative suffix we may be able to purchase this on your behalf for an additional fee or you can purchase the domain directly yourself and we can just host the website.

Depending on the availability of the domain name you choose it may be necessary to suggest alternative domain name options.

Of course. We can still host your site for you or you can host it elsewhere if you prefer. Get in touch to discuss your options.

You can have an email address(es) associated with your domain name, although we recommend that you use Office 365 to host the email account(s), particularly if you are likely to need a lot of space. Once you have your email account(s) set up we can make any changes to the domain MX (mail records) for you at no extra cost.

Yes, you are free to host your site elsewhere. If you choose to host your site elsewhere then you will need to make sure that the hosting package includes the minimum requirements to run your site and you will be responsible for your domain renewals. We will also need the FTP details in order to upload the website files to your hosts server and possibly the control panel details if the site requires a database.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is a method of transferring files e.g. web pages from your local PC to your web server. There are a variety of free FTP software programs, such as Filezilla, available on the Internet and they enable you to update your website pages at any given time. Your web host should be able to provide you with your FTP details. These consist of the host name, User ID and password. If you are hosting your site with us we can provide you with the details upon completion of the website and receipt of payment for any work carried out.

We register all of our clients websites with the major search engines, including Google. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks for the site to be picked up and ranked so it won't be listed immediately.

There is a lot of competition for the number one spot on Google so we cannot guarantee that your site will be number one. Some companies will lead you to believe that they can get your site to number one but their methods may be questionable and could end up costing you a lot of money, or in the worst case scenario your site could be banned. Whilst we cannot guarantee the number one spot we aim to get your site listed as high up as possible for popular search terms related to your site and we use modern search engine approved methods to do so.

All web pages should be 'optimised' to ensure they are picked up by the search engines. This basically means that the site should be coded to current web standards and include META tags in the header code. The META tags include keywords and titles that are used by the search engines when they visit and rank your site. We ensure that all the sites we code include META tags and that the keywords and titles are analysed to ensure they contain appropriate search terms and that these match the content on the page. Find out more about site optimisation.

We can arrange to set up Google Analytics on your site (requires a Google account which you will need to sign up for) and this will allow you to login to your Google account and see the stats for your site, including details about keywords used to find the site and where the visitors are from etc.

If you’ve only got a small range of products or services and you don't need an online shopping cart system then we can set up PayPal buttons on your site so that you can receive secure payment via a PayPal account. Please contact us for more details.

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