Website Recommendations

Here are a few things worth thinking about…

1. Keep the content up to date

Is your content up to date? A simple strategy for continuous improvement includes updating the website regularly with fresh content.

2. Focus on your customers

If your website talks about you, your company and all the fantastic products and services you offer, without mentioning the benefits to your customers, you might be turning potential customers away. Your website should ideally focus less on yourself (unless it's a personal page that is) or your business- it really ought to focus on your customer. What can you do for them? Talk about their needs, their problems, and how you can help.

3. Try new things

It's easy to think that once the website is published you can sit back and wait for visitors to arrive and new business to come flooding in. You might be getting quite a few enquiries from people via your website, but for your site to realise its full potential it's important to actively seek out ways to attract people, and have them return again and again and recommend you to others. It's likely that there will be a number of websites offering the same as you, so in order to compete it's important to continually try out new things on your website. Ask yourself: how do I keep visitors coming back to the site and why would a potential client buy from my business, based on what they’ve seen online?

4. Making contact

Does your website encourage people to get in touch? How easy is it for visitors to get in touch? If you don’t have a contact form on your site yet, we can build one for you. This can be a valuable way of obtaining information from potential clients, and we can include fields in the contact form for whatever information you want to gather.

5. Use Social Media

Integrating your website design with social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs, will also add value to your online presence. More people than ever are now using social media for promoting their products.

6. Give the code an overhaul

If your website is more than a couple of years old, the code may be due for an overhaul. Coding techniques and best practices are constantly being changed and improved, and website code can get outdated quite quickly. Whilst this might not seem like a major issue as your site appears to work fine, that may not be the case for all of the visitors to your site. They may be using a different browser to you and as new updated versions of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc. appear they can sometimes affect the way that sites are displayed. By having the code looked at and updated it will not only ensure that your site is working properly for the majority of visitors but it can also reduce the page load time too.

7. Consider a Redesign

Does your website still reflect your business or goal in a positive way? Does it engage your target audience? Does it create a strong first impression? It might seem like a lengthy process to redesign your website, but remember: an effective online presence builds credibility, enhances reputation, generates sales, and develops trust.

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