Responsive Web Design

Throughout the world mobile devices are poised to overtake desktop computers as the most common way to browse the web.

So, what does this mean for you and your site? Well, unless you have a mobile version of your website already the chances are your site is not fully optimised for mobiles and tablet devices. You run the risk of turning away customers who are trying to view your site on a mobile or tablet and are struggling to do so.

Traditionally websites were built with desktop computer screens in mind. As screen resolutions improved and screen sizes increased, naturally the size of websites increased. This meant that until recent years optimising a website for a screen size of 1024px wide would enable it to be viewed comfortably on the majority of screens. However, in the last few years we have seen the introduction and increase in Smartphones, tablets, e-readers and internet-enabled TVs and this has brought an even wider range of screens to the market. With every new web-browsing device that is introduced, the traditional website layouts that we have all become accustomed to are steadily becoming less usable.

With the growing trend for mobile browsing, isn't it time you discovered how to improve your web presence?

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