Small Business starter websites

Many of the businesses we set up websites for are new startups, so it goes without saying that we focus heavily on helping you as much as possible during this critical phase.

We intimately know the challenges that businesses face at this time, having been there ourselves, and we know you'll need a website design company that ticks the following boxes:

  • Local to you, focussed on your area and reliable- a company you can rely on for the long term
  • Able to quickly produce the goods at a cost to fit your budget
  • On hand to update and maintain the website as and when needed
  • Be fully responsible for everything from start to finish- no outsourcing
  • Use our initiative to suggest better ways to do something, if needed- proactive and ready to provide advice
  • Professional, friendly and dedicated to helping you get your business off the ground

After your website is published

Whether you choose one of our Small Business Packages or a bespoke design for your business website, we make sure that once it’s built we continue to be on-hand and proactive in helping you get the most of your new website. In other words, we’re keen to develop a successful working partnership with you- something that can be priceless to new businesses, at the beginning and also as they establish themselves and begin to grow. We do this by:

  • Providing swift, prompt maintenance- if you need something doing, we’re usually onto it within a few hours or the same or next day. We also make a point of following up with you a couple of months after your website is published, to check that everything is going well for you and see if there's anything further we can do.
  • Giving you our FREE Business Tips for Website Owners guide, which we’ve built up over years and continue to update, based on our own experiences as a business. This is full of practical steps that you as a business owner can take to get the most out of your website.
  • Our optional monthly Search Engine Optimisation service, which aims to increase your website visibility (and therefore business visibility) further if you feel it may be needed. This is simple and transparent and includes a report at the end of each month with details of how well you’re doing in Google search rankings for relevant searches, the number of visitors to your website, and other useful and important information. There’s no contract or tie-in with this work and you can cancel at any time, so it’s down to us to impress with results!
  • Being able to expand or build upon your site should you ever need it- whether that’s adding new features, a Content Management System, expanding the number of pages or anything else that your business needs.

Local and proud of it

Our role is to provide web design services within our community and therefore provide vital support for business in our local area- pure and simple. We’re based in Epsom and we serve businesses and organisations throughout the South London and North Surrey areas as well as further afield.

Call us on 01372 720943 to discuss your requirements and learn how we can help you.